Did you compete in the virtual ski jumps on March 21 and 22 in Citypark in Ljubljana?
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Have you heard about Oculus Rift - the leading device in the field of virtual reality?

How real is the virtual reality? Zavarovalnica Triglav enables a unique ski jumping experience thanks to the virtual 3D glasses Oculus Rift.
15. Mar

It seems incredible, and the experience itself really is, since this is the first example of virtual reality ski jumping simulation in Slovenia. The platform was developed for three months by experts from the companies ArtRebel 9 and Pristop, in the context of the joint development project WinterWings, which put a great deal of effort into developing the physics and ski jump experience (the user must descend the ramp, jump from the end of the table, land and experience the reception on the out-run). The overall experience consists of the visual sensation, provided by the latest version of the Oculus Rift device, movement which replicates movements of jumpers and 3D surround sound through headphones. The most powerful computers on the market ensure a smooth and genuine experience.

This experience with virtual 3D glasses is currently by far the best approximation to actual jumping at the legendary venue in Planica, in Planica, where jumpers complete the competition season. The virtual venue is an excellent homage to the Gorišek families, the constructors of this legendary venue.

How do the 3D virtual glasses work?

Oculus Rift deceives the balance system of the person using it, as it sends confusing signals to the body, which actually does not move, and also to the brain, which is convinced that the user is performing various tasks in virtual reality. During virtual jumps, blood pulses through the body of some users and as they look down, they take a deep breath and are convinced that they actually jumped for real.

The virtual jumping experience with Oculus Rift was tested by Slovenian jumpers, world champions - Peter Prevc, Jurij Tepeš and Franci Petek, who are excited about the jumps. If you wish to see how the Slovenian eagles performed in virtual reality click here.

You too can try out the virtual jumps on March 21 and 22 in the Citypark shopping centre in Ljubljana. Challenge Prevc, Tepeš and Petek and beat them with a combination of skill and luck, all with help of Oculus Rift.