Did you compete in the virtual ski jumps on March 21 and 22 in Citypark in Ljubljana?
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  • We set a virtual world record by jumping 248.7 m

    Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird? And what about flying like our Slovenian eagles? More than 850 visitors to Planica and the Citypark shopping centre in Ljubljana jumped from the virtual ski jumping hill for the first time in their life and had incredible fun. But the absolute winner of the competition was Marjeta, who shocked everyone present and jumped an incredible 248,7 m.
  • Have you heard about Oculus Rift - the leading device in the field of virtual reality?

    How real is the virtual reality? Zavarovalnica Triglav enables a unique ski jumping experience thanks to the virtual 3D glasses Oculus Rift.
  • News reporters jump from the large hill

    This year's highlight in ski jumping in the valley under Ponce is drawing near and it could bring a new record according to experts, with jumps as long as 254 metres anticipated on the renovated hill. News reporters tested their physical condition and hoped that they would be the ones to make the longest jump.
  • First visitors to Planica test virtual ski jumping

    Today, Slovenian jumpers tested the renovated large hill at Planica for the first time. After the trial round, some competitors and visitors in the valley under Ponce competed in virtual jumps.
  • Slovenian eagles excited over virtual ski jumps

    The virtual jumping experience with Oculus Rift was tested by Slovenian jumpers, world champions - Peter Prevc, Jurij Tepeš and Franci Petek, who expressed their excitement about the jumps. "The only thing that is missing is the smell of ćevapčiči beef rissoles", said one of the jumpers.
  • Unique ski jumping experience with Oculus Rift technology, for the first time in Slovenia

    Zavarovalnica Triglav will enable ski jumping fans to experience record jumps at the Citypark shopping centre in Ljubljana on March 21 and 22.